What should be fashionable blouses 2020? They can be trendy, original, stylish, relevant, can be perfectly combined with your skirt, look great with heels. But, unfortunately, a fashionable blouse may not be suitable for your evening, holiday looks for parties, dances or dates.

Blazy Shower specializes in creating fashionable blouses for your outings when the blouse becomes a fashionable object that is not just paid attention to, which perfectly complements your image for a party.

We produce a limited number of products that are hand-sewn from the best Italian materials. We use only the most current prints and fabrics. Pay attention to our Struzzi blouse - a hit of sales on the site. It used fabric with polka dot and breathtaking feather sleeves.

As for Victorian Blouse, this is a truly elegant blouse made of transparent striped chiffon with an elongated sleeve on ties. This blouse looks light, elegant, sexy and suitable for any occasion. This blouse is made in two colors - black and white. Both options in different sizes are available on our website.

What to wear our blouses with? With skirts and accessories from our range. For example, Victorian Blouse blends perfectly with our Croco mini skirt, the Struzzi blouse will look perfect with a Bow skirt, with a large bow.

You can also use long tight pants for an image with a Victorian blouse. Do not forget to decorate your image with heels and long earrings.