Our party clothing sets are made up of perfectly matching items from our brand’s collection. If you buy them together, you pay much less, and as a result, you get an image from Blazy Shower.

Just as his designer of our brand conceived. In fact, our skirts, tops, blouses, jackets are combined with each other as well as possible. After all, the main idea is to create the right image, we initially think over the design of our clothes in such a way that you can only dress in Blazy Shower clothes and always guess the image of the day off.

We have already come up with something for you to combine a Сroco skirt, a Crop jacket, a bow and skirt top, a Victorian blouse and our best seller crocodile print skirt.

Such sets are an ideal solution both in style and in profitability of purchase. You can buy immediately the top and bottom for your look and not pay for the delivery of two separate things, and also pay less due to the purchase of a comprehensive image from Blazy Shower