About us

Hey, girls! We are Blazy Shower – a global online fashion destination for fashion-forward pieces designed with love for you. Our brand focuses on designing statement pieces from dizzying minis and exceptional tops to catchy dresses and spectacular blouses.

Each piece within the collection is infused with
Blazy Shower’s signature-inspired detailing like feathers, ruffles and all kinds of bows.

We have created own brand at the end of 2019 and already won the trust of the most beautiful clients from all around the word!  Blazy Shower’s pieces are released in a limited edition and distributed worldwide. The same sultry star of the sensational party can be met only on the other side of the globe. You can buy brand outfits exclusively online and will fall in love with them unconditionally at first sight 

We rebuffed the idea of mass production at the very beginning because we really wanted to achieve the highest quality possible! This ensures personalized approach, quality control at every stage, and no overproduction. Each and every one of our designs takes months to ensure the quality and fit of our pieces are perfect for you. Everything is created in house by our team of incredible designers.

We like it when the fabric is pleasant-to-touch, and luxurious look, so they come straight from Italy fabrics.

 We are proud that you can turn your garments inside out and see that they are immaculate and beautiful inside as well as outside. Garments with attention to detail and luxurious materials that are meant to last forever!