What should be the skirt for an evening appearance? Short, stylish, crocodile or fanciful with a bow? The best options at Blazy Shower Store.

What should be the perfect mini party skirt? Well, of course, glamorous, sexy, with interesting and defiant details, fashionable cut and made of actual material. Blazy Shower creates skirts that blend perfectly with our tops, accessories, bags, blouses.

The skirts from our brand always surprise, endlessly inspire and create the very mood that can be described as a state after a fashionable soul. You are energized, you shine and attract the attention of others with your graceful dances. Where can I wear a Blazy Shower skirt? At a cocktail party, at a social event or a disco, a date.

A bow skirt is an example of exclusivity, nobility, following fashion trends. The right length is something you shouldn't miss. In no case should your sexuality border on vulgarity. Today, this is definitely not the trend. As for such an up-to-date material as crocodile-printed leather, we made the best Croco skirt that can outshine its analogs. Why?

Firstly, an unusual cut, on the sides of the skirt there are cutouts that emphasize your silhouette, high waist, perfect appearance, quality. We considered it necessary to choose the best skin for our Croco mini skirt model. The pearl of our collection of skirts can be called a skirt with Shine Bright crystals.

This incredible crystal pan combines with a black mini skirt. They create a joint ensemble that captivates with its appearance. You will definitely become the star of the party with this model. And again a crocodile - this skirt can be combined with high heels and our Struzzi blouse. Croco skirt without cutouts on the sides perfectly shimmers in the light. It doesn’t matter what reason you have to go out today, this option will be a win-win in your image