5 party fashion outfits with a bow in 2020 by Blazy Shower

5 party fashion outfits with a bow in 2020 by Blazy Shower

Party is a word that we associate exclusively with an enchanting holiday, which is sometimes very lacking on inclement weekdays.

That is why we always look forward to dizzying aspirated parties and prepare ourselves especially care for them. The first question that arises in my head is: “What to wear?”.

Fortunately, we have already solved this problem and offer 5 party bows to choose from. Without them, a modern fashionista in 2020 is nowhere!

There is nothing better than sparkling rhinestones shimmering under the spotlights, and you are in the rays of this beauty. The asymmetrical, crystal-decorated Shine Bright crepe miniskirt is literally made to make you the star of the most incredible party.

The spectacular shimmering part of the wraparound skirt accentuates attention to the unusual detail, and the asymmetric cut visually lengthens the legs. Being in such a skirt, it is simply necessary to demonstrate all the beauty of the legs and choose sandals that will not be heavier in design but are not inferior in beauty to the whole bow.

As a top, it is best to choose a Shine Bright crop top made in the style of a skirt, with a shiny buckle attached obliquely. A tuxedo jacket such as Marshmallow can be thrown over your shoulders, especially if the party is inspired by rapper P.Diddy, a popular 90s White Party. They created a dazzling futuristic image that suggests a perfect body, shining hair, and a smile. Sure, wearing such an outfit, she will appear!

Being in the spotlight is easy, most importantly, it radiates self-confidence. You can demonstrate your strengths thanks to the white Bow Top on one shoulder, decorated with a voluminous bow. A bright and extraordinary top blend harmoniously with the Croco skirt. The skirt is made of fabric creating an imitation of crocodile skin.

The texture of the fabrics and the unusual design of the whole image will not remain without enthusiastic compliments. You can complement the bow with the same extraordinary sandals on the stiletto.

Beautiful posture, slender legs, swan neck will be visible from afar thanks to harmoniously selected outfit, and looks in your direction are provided. The holiday promises to be bright!

Must have party outfit - the aforementioned textured Croco skirt and Victorian blouse. A voluminous striped blouse with chiffon frill sleeves is a godsend for bright and courageous girls.

The relaxed neckline and voluminous sleeves of the blouse with cuffs on the ties remind of the Victorian era, and the oversized style adds some frivolity. In combination with a miniskirt, a translucent voluminous top looks bold, but within reason.

The blouse is presented in two colors: white and black. Black total look looks more impressive and less official than a black and white tandem. Stiletto sandals and a small handbag will complement the party look, which, by the way, individually is easy to integrate into a casual wardrobe. All win 100%.

Any miniskirt, cropped trousers or elegant palazzo will be embellished with an enchanting Struzzi top. The ostrich feather top, which is absolutely weightless in appearance, is made in the form of a bustier design, but thanks to the finish it hides unnecessary details regarding the cut.

The bright elegant top will decorate any outfit. It is best to complement the image with massive jewelry, such as a chain and earrings, collecting hair in a laconic bundle.

Thus, you emphasize posture, a refined neck, and collarbones, visually increase the chest and reduce the waist. Combined with a fitted bottom, the legs will look longer. In general, the image will be memorable, which will help to reveal your versatility and impeccable taste. It remains to pick up sandals and an exclusive clutch. Incendiary dances will definitely be until the morning!

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