6 must have for evening look 2020

6 must have for evening look 2020

Autumn thoroughly entered into its own rights. Sunny days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer. However, this has its advantages. Evenings or weekends, birthdays or the usual environment, known as Little Friday, are an ideal occasion to have a party. It remains to choose the right outfit, so that not only feel confident and comfortable but, and shine on the upcoming event 

On this occasion, we picked up 6 must-have, which will create the perfect look for the party. In combination with other elements of the wardrobe or individually, they will play a key role and will certainly demonstrate the impeccable taste of their owner.

Crop tuxedo

The shortened tuxedo jacket was one of the last hits that Anthony Vaccarello presented especially well to the public at the Saint Laurent brand show. 

The jacket outlines the line of the shoulders, does not burden the image and emphasizes the waist. In addition, such a tuxedo is an absolutely universal thing, suitable for a dizzying skirt with sequins, an evening dress, high-waisted jeans, and strict trousers. 

The Givenchy brand has a concise version of a shortened tuxedo, and the more eccentric one can always be selected from the Balmain brand.

Red little dress

For many centuries, the red dress has been a female symbol of self-confidence, a kind of weapon for defeating male hearts, as well as a real public challenge. 

Therefore, if the time and place of the party are already known, the goals are set, and the soul breaks into the battle, you can not do without a red dress. 

Moreover, the French Fashion House Balmain was not without reason created a short red dress in the style of a classic jacket with two rows of luxurious gold buttons. 

The outfit speaks for itself: “Everyone needs this season for sure.” Bright, defiant and at the same time restrained version of the dress will be appreciated. With it, it is easy to wipe the nose of the female sex and challenge the male. The party will really be memorable! 

One shoulder

A dress on one shoulder personifies sexuality and creates a kind of riddle. The bare neck, shoulder, back are some of the most beautiful female parts of the body and it is important to emphasize them with dignity. 

A dress on the floor is more suitable for a festive event, and for an after-party, a daring version is ideal, for example, an asymmetrical short dress on one shoulder with a predatory print from the brand Saint Laurent. 

This is a direct hit on the target. It contains all the trends of the season. The dress frames the figure and distinguishes its owner from the rest. It remains only to stab your hair, pick up minimalistic sandals and determine the goal, whoever he is. 

Sparkle a - la Paris

What is associated with the party 2020 is more than a dazzling image, studded with stones and rhinestones, which literally shimmers in the sun. Paris Hilton in her golden time especially loved dresses, tops, chokers, decorated with millions of stones. 

What can I say, Paris did not stop and even strewn their phone with them. Tops, chokers and mini skirts, like dresses strewn with stones and rhinestones, returned triumphantly again. 

One of the first trends was picked up by the famous model from the Kardashian clan Kendall Jenner, followed by others. For a spectacular outfit, a top in rhinestones, jewelry, and interesting sandals is enough. 

Pants, in this case, you can pick up black, satin even cut with a high waist. If you want to shine completely, it is better to choose a trapezoid dress with crystals or an asymmetric skirt. The main thing is to remember that everything else should be perfect - skin, tone, figure, and posture, then the title of the party queen will not leave you!

Feather mood

Feathers are another popular accent among many brands, fashionistas, editors of the fashion department and famous models in 2020. This season, brands such as Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung, Anna Sui, Dion Lee with feathers decorated dresses, suits, skirts, blouses, trousers, massive knitted sweaters, and even corsets. 

The Loeffler Randall brand feathers almost all of its bags. The most diverse feathers in color, length, and structure can be found even on the headbands. 

For a bright party 2020, a look overflowing with certain details, on the contrary, becomes the most memorable; looking too over is not considered bad taste. 

If you still advocate balance, you should choose only an interesting bezel with feathers and accessories, or wear a suit with them. Why not be a bird of paradise for at least one evening.

More legs

Mini - length is especially relevant this season. Mini for a party is generally a jackpot. The shortened length has become almost the most recognizable feature of Anthony Vaccarello's latest collections for Saint Laurent. 

The brand Alessandra Rich invited famous it-girls to its show as models, which, in turn, were able to demonstrate the beauty of their legs with might and main, as the length of the mini in the clothes of the brand did not fall below. Dresses with frill, asymmetric, in sequins and rhinestones look advantageous if they are short. 

Perforated leather skirts with a soft, wide belt and high waist look stunning if they are mini. Shorts, overalls, skirts, shorts and sundresses, if they automatically lengthen the length of the legs, the status of the queen of the party is greatly approximated. 

It remains only to sweat in the hall, take care of perfect skin, straighten your back and come with a cheerful company. It will be difficult not to notice you, definitely.   

Trends change, fashion is cyclical, and interest in everything fades over time. You can shine thanks to rhinestones and crystals, but truly memorable is possible only thanks to a radiant smile and sparkling jokes!


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