Skirts and tops for a festive party look 2020

Skirts and tops for a festive party look 2020

Therefore, it must be approached with all care. The main issue is the selection of attire for the celebration. Often, everyone is accustomed to purchasing dresses to match the event(party) and forget about them after for many years.

Modern it-girls know how to make a successful investment and buy after dark outfits that are suitable for holiday looks, and for special everyday life when you want to look more attractive. We picked up several elements of the wardrobe for completely different occasions and indispensable for the party looks.

  1. Bow skirt with a large bow in the form of the main element is a real find for those who like to be in the spotlight. For such a black mini skirt, it is enough to choose a concise top, whether it be a blouse, top, and a shortened jacket, to look one hundred percent. Sandals or stiletto heels will only make the look more solemn. In addition, such a skirt can be combined with a voluminous sweater and over-the-knee boots if you want to stand out from ordinary gray everyday life and look at the same time quite appropriate. A well-chosen wardrobe element in the form of a mini skirt will emphasize the right places, and hide the flaws. That is why such a bow will perfectly frame you!

  2. A crocodile-print fabric black mini skirt is the dream of any fashionista today. Bright enough to be noticed, but also interesting, in order to be memorable, the skirt should be among your holiday wardrobe. Having added sandals on an extreme hairpin, a handbag decorated with exotic feathers and a blouse with a bright accent, it is easy to become a real it-girl of a festive evening. Endless legs, a refined figure and a proud posture in this way will become the envy of many annoying girlfriends. Such an interesting short skirt for a party can also be worn on a weekday with a man’s shirt, high boots and, at the same time, be on top.

  3. The party blouse in the contemporary Victorian-style today called Victorian is primarily striking due to its texture. Translucent chiffon is combined with monochrome stripes, lush sleeves are framed by flounces, and a collar on ties draws a beautiful neck. In combination with such a blouse, anything will look spectacular, whether it be jeans with a high waist or a spectacular mini. Complete the look with voluminous earrings and sloppy styling. In order to look perfect, you need unprocessed details, let it be your natural falling head of thick hair!

  4. Struzzi Blouse - a thing that does not require additional complex elements of the wardrobe. It has everything: actual peas on translucent chiffon, sleeves trimmed with ostrich feathers, and gates in the style of the latest Prada collections. A spectacular top is best combined with banana pants with a high waist or a mini skirt of an interesting texture. To the look pick up earrings decorated with stones and a handbag in the same eclectic style as the blouse. Stiletto pumps will create a complete party look and add the necessary solemnity. Extra words are not needed, the outfit says everything for you, this is a 100% Wow effect!

When choosing black mini skirts and tops for a party look, choose different options for them, which can then be combined in a different way and at completely new, incredibly interesting events!

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