About us

Blazy Shower is an exclusive fashion concept label offering party-to-wear collections. Out of a love for glamor and sparkle, the brand focuses on designing statement pieces from dizzying minis and exceptional tops to catchy dresses and spectacular Victorian blouses.

Each piece within the collection is infused with
Blazy Shower’s signature-inspired detailing like feathers, ruffles and all kinds of bows.

To create a complete and super styled-to-perfection look, Blazy Shower offers limited bespoke handmade accessories such as chokers studded with shining stones, handbags trimmed with outlandish feathers, and fan belts with crystal embellishment.

The “double dressing” problem disappears with Blazy Shower.

Blazy Shower’s clothing and accessories are released in a limited edition and distributed worldwide. The same sultry star of the sensational party can be met only on the other side of the globe. You can buy brand outfits exclusively online and will fall in love with them unconditionally at first sight.

So, the perfect robe de soirée for your glamorous night out has been found! The outfits at Blazy Shower will give you confidence, distinguish you from the crowd, and help to dazzle everyone without exception.