Refund policy

Refund Policy

You can return your order or exchange it for something else on the site. It is possible to exchange/return your purchase for up to 120 days from the date of the purchase. The returned/exchanged goods must be in the same form in which you received them - without pollution, damage.
In order to cancel your order, you must write to us at our legal address or send us an email.
The money would be returned in the same way that the original transaction was made or otherwise if this was previously agreed.
If you canceled your order after we sent it to you, we have the right to refuse to refund you until we receive the goods back or you provide evidence that the goods were sent back to us.
Goods must be returned with all BLAZY SHOWER labels. We have the right to reject the application for a refund if you returned the goods in an inappropriate forum.
All boxes, packaging and other elements of the design of the goods must be in the package that you send back.
You must notify us of the returned product by email so that we can quickly identify the returned product.

Repeat returns

We keep records of returned goods and your history as a customer. We are very loyal to the return of goods and simplify the procedure if you have already completed it once. However, if we see that returns are constantly coming from you, we have the right to close your account, which you will be notified about.